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It's Time For JHMedia

You've heard of us. In your home and in your living room. What is it that we do?



JH Media is known for turning David’s into Goliaths, and upstarts into house hold names. Through a system of public polling and focus groups, we can create a precise customer based targeting system that always hits the bulls-eye.

Content Creation

JH Media has privately owned film studios, recording studios, post houses, app developers, game developers, and even its own printing press. If you can imagine it, we can create it.


JH Media excels at hooking up products and content with brands that match and mutually benefit one another. You built the tree, we’ll handle the branches.

Our Portfolio

Below are some of our best projects

Superior Team

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." --Henry Ford

Here at JH Media we find the best so that we can give the best, to you. Meet our core team.

  • Billie Jukes


    Billie Jukes is head lawyer of JH MEDIA handling all of its contracts both domestic and foreign. Graduating top of her class at YALE for corporate law, Ms. Jukes was heavily sought after by companies like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley…both of which she worked for simultaneously. She began working for JH Media exclusively in 2012 and has since helped the company grow exponentially through brilliant and tactful business acquisitions.

  • Wendy Darling


    Wendy Darling hails from the small town of Neverland Ohio where she was an advice columnist for her family’s local paper. With JH Media at her side, her small town column has now become a global sensation leading to a massive book deal. Ms. Darling continues to writer her column while also running JH Media’s social media. Under her, JH Media has expanded its social presence and truly become a company by and for the people.

  • Jas Hook


    In 2009, Jas Hook took out a loan and purchased the bankrupt L.J. SILVER PICTURES, renamed it JH MEDIA, and in two years turned a studio with a tarnished reputation into a multi-million dollar business. He then expanded from film and television into music, games, and books elevating JH Media from a multi-million dollar company, to a multi-billion dollar company. He has been listed in Forbes 100 most powerful men in the world for the past 3 years. Jas Hook is a personal consultant on finances to the Swiss and U.S government. Before founding JH MEDIA, Jas received a masters in Business and Economics from Balliol College and then spent two years as an intern under famed entrepreneur Edward Thatch. Jas says he owes his success to Thatch’s encouragement, guidance, and firm hand. Being one of the youngest ever to receive a masters in both Business and Economics from Balliol College, Jas Hook.

  • John Smee


    Known as a jack of all trades, John Smee has held a vast array of jobs ranging from being a personal chef to celebrities, to a boatswain on a cargo ship in Nova Scotia. His multifaceted talents and pleasant demeanor are what landed him a job at JH Media in Human Resources. His passion, flawless work, and inexhaustible drive is what drew the eye of Jas Hook who promoted Mr. Smee to his executive assistant. Many of the day to day operations now run through Mr. Smee.

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